[Information] 2017 SEOUL TOUR+ Vol.4

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[Seoul Tour+] 2017 Vol.4

Seoul City and Seoul Tourism Organization is constantly discovering new tourist attractions in order to promote creation of tour products utilizing various tourism resources in Seoul.


Theme of April, Seoul Encounters on a Cool Summer Night

1 .Night Tour of 4 Royal Palaces
2. 2017 Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market
3. Lotte World Tower & Mall
4. UMF KOREA 2017
5. Cafe during the Day, Pub at Night
6. 2017 Seoul Drum Festival
7. [Special Recommendations] Seoullo 7017 Enjoyed at Night, Night Walking Trail
8. [Special Recommendations] Seoullo7017 Enjoyed during the Day, Namdaemun Market
9. [Special Recommendations] Seoul Hanyangdoseong, Namsan Section
10. [Special Recommendations] Night Attractions of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
11. [Barrier-free Tourism] Jeongdong-gil and Jeongdong Theater
12. [Barrier-free Tourism] Ansan Jarak-gil